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You could save from £300 to £600 per year on your gas bill!

The efficiency levels of old boilers tend to range from only 55% to 70%; new condensing boilers however, are over 90% efficient.

Important Information about Boiler Installations

Good quality boilers are reliable and efficient, if they are installed correctly. Most people know of somebody who has had "nothing but problems" after having a new boiler fitted. This is usually because of poor fitting practices, not necessarily a faulty boiler. Modern day boilers achieve higher efficiency by forcing water through very small passageways in large low capacity heat exchangers. This means the gas has to heat a smaller body of water to achieve the same result as an older boiler would. It is critical that a new boiler is not installed onto old pipe work and radiators without the system being fully cleaned. Many old boilers would still work with sludge and dirty water, but in order to achieve maximum efficiency and its full life span, new boilers require clean water.

How we install - NO SHORTCUTS

We know that a new boiler or full central heating system is a large investment. It is a false economy to fit a substandard boiler or to take short cuts with inadequate gas supply or by fitting to a dirty system. Fitting this way will at best lessen the efficiency of your boiler and at worst will cause repeated break downs. We will ensure your new boiler is installed by using the most up to date modern practice. If necessary we will carry out a full flush to your system; and fit a Magnaclean filter to protect the boiler and ensure years of trouble free heating.

Gas Safe registered engineer. Fully trained and qualified to install, repair and service all gas boilers.

Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

Which Boiler is right for me?

There are three main types of central heating systems: combi, system and open vented and there are many different manufacturers of these. We can offer you a wide range. Our aim is to provide the right boiler for your budget without compromising on quality. We offer a free of charge quote in which we will calculate the KW rating required, and best type of system for your home.

Our aim is to find the appropriate boiler for your needs, not the easiest system to fit.

We hope you find this website informative and useful. If you have any questions or would like a free no obligation written quotations please contact Steven Riley.

Our Services Include

  •  Boiler Service Repair and Installation
  •  System Upgrades
  •  Installation and Repairs
  •  Boiler Service and Maintenance
  •  Gas Safety Checks
  •  Combi Boilers
  •  Energy Efficient Systems
  •  High Pressure Hot Water Systems
  •  Un-Vented Hot Water Systems
  •  Domestic Gas Appliances